A convenient in-town alternative to the hot springs. The Hammam is an integral part of The Loft Spa’s approach to whole body purification and wellness. For centuries people have used hot and cold therapy to relieve muscle and joint pain, boost the immune system, detoxify the body and promote deep relaxation. This experience helps to create a lasting and deeply energizing sensation that is profoundly effective in increasing blood circulation and promoting healthy skin tone and texture.

45 minutes | $16 Please bring swimsuit & towel.

* Shower required prior to Hammam
* Robe, towel and slippers are provided for your comfort
* Swimsuit is required for co-ed sessions and clothing is optional for gender specific events
*Use of steam, dry sauna, cold immersion tub and deluge shower is complimentary with every one hour service


  • Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your start time and please silence your cell phone upon entering the spa in order to maintain a peaceful environment.
  • Please inform us of any medical conditions, including high blood pressure, pregnancy, sunburn, allergies, physical ailments or any special concerns. Upon booking, please note any medications you are taking. This will prepare our staff in advance to be able to provide the best possible experience.
  • Gift certificates are available for all experiences and products.
  • Our staff is here to please, so feel free to check in with any questions or concerns.

Our Licensed Massage Therapists are committed to serving your individual needs for a balanced body and calm mind. Modalities such as craniosacral, neuromuscular, energy, trigger point and MFR may be incorporated in response to individual needs and conditions.

Tension Release
Targeting specific areas of muscle tension, this treatment is for those with limited time.
45 minute • from 64.00

Swedish Massage
Gentle traditional techniques are designed to ease tension and promote pure relaxation.
70 minute • from 86.00 | 90 minute • from 114.00 | 120 minute • from 144.00

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage
This treatment produces profound pain relief through releasing chronically tight muscles.
70 minute • from 98.00  | 90 minute • from 126.00

Aromatherapy Massage
A Swedish treatment incorporating pure essential oils for complete mind-body balance.
70 minute • from 98.00  | 90 minute • from 126.00  | 120 minute • from 154.00

Hot Stone Massage
Take a delightful journey of healing and relaxation with a combination of deep heat therapy and cool mint aromatherapy to awaken your senses and rejuvenate your body.
70 minute • from 99.00 | 90 minute • from 133.00

Prenatal Massage
A Swedish treatment that nurtures and supports the unique needs of expectant mothers.
70 minute• from 96.00 | 90 minute• from 124.00

Side by Side Massage
Embark on a blissful, customized spa journey with someone special. This relaxing and rejuvenating massage also includes a private Hammam session.
70 minute• from 176.00  | 90 minute • from 228.00

Feet Retreat
Love your feet with a seasonal organic scrub, wrapped in warm towels and combined with a reflexology treatment to sooth the roots of your soles. • from 32.00

Coconut Lemongrass Body Glow
Experience our signature organic scrub of pure cane sugar & coconut oil infused with essential oils for total skin renewal and softness. • from 62.00